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Photonike Capital Sa is a service provider of bespoke risk protection solutions (industrial, financial and tehcnological) as well as a management company of industrial and financial turnaround processes.

The group strong capitalisation, in excess of Euro 110 million, represents a solid support to our risk insurance business. Photonike Capital asset portfolio has a strong credit rating (98% AAA Investment Grade Rating assets) and we are able to offer a broad range of products to help clients to match derivative contracts and bespoke solution for specific risks. We also offer tailor made solutions for credit enhancement, market hedging and alternative finance purposes.

Our dedicated investment vehicles was set up to with a view to support clients in special situation and capital introductions.

Photonike Capital Sa operates only with institutional and/or professional qualified operators. Our underwriting activity is channelled via our parent company IIC International Insurance Company NV - a fully authorized Insurance Company in Republic of Curacao and in the Netherlands.
Photonike Capital is currently working and plans to obtain a license as a Reinsurance Captive Operator based on the Insurance Law and Act of Kingdom of Belgium.