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Assemblee Generale Ordinaire Photonike Capital 30-12-2023"posted 30-12-2023"
Convocation Assemblee General 30-12-2023"posted 14-12-2023"
PAR_20230803_21392_ACC"posted 03-08-2023"
PAR_20230803_21367_ACC_PP"posted 03-08-2023"
Procès-verbal de l'Assemblée Générale Copie certifiée conforme notariée 27-07-2023"posted 28-07-2023"
Procuration Assemblee Extraordinaire 27-07-2023 Photonike Capital"posted 07-07-2023"
Authorized Capital Report EGM- English 03-07-2023"posted 04-07-2023"
Capital Increase Photonike Capital sa - Rapport du Reviseur 21-06-2023"posted 04-07-2023"
Capital Increase BoD Report EGM- English 16-05-2023"posted 04-07-2023"
Convocation Assemblee General Extraordinaire 27-07-2023"posted 04-07-2023"
Convocation Assemblee General 24-06-2022"posted 24-06-2022"
Photonike Capital sa - Convocation Assemblee General 30-06-2021 "posted 30-06-2021"
Convocation Assemblee General exceptionnelle 22-12-2020 "posted 04-12-2020"
Assemblee Generale Ordinaire Photonike Capital 2020 approbation bilan 2019 et renouvellement CDA "posted 23-7-2020"
Convocation Assemblee Generale (english)22-06-2020 "posted 22-6-2020"
Convocation Assemblee Generale 22-06-2020 "posted 22-6-2020"
Joint PR Photonike Nucleus Holding March 2020 "posted 27-3-2020"
Press Release JV Nucleus Edited "posted 5-11-2019"
Press Release Rating DB to Photonike Capital "posted 14-10-2019"
Press Release Photonike Capital SA 5-8-2019 "posted 5-8-2019"
CSD migration to Euroclear France 5-8-2019 "posted 5-8-2019"
Convocation Assemblee General 2019 "posted 20-7-2019"
Euronext PAR_20190109_00296 PHO Trading readmission "posted 5-2-2019"