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Main Informations
Legal Entity: Photonike Capital SA
Registered Office: Avenue Louise 65 Bte 11, Bruxelles City Center, 1050 Bruxelles
Reg. Banque Carrefour des Entreprises: 0808.462.831
ISIN: BE0948608451
Euronext Mnemonic: MLPHO
Management (Updated 12-12-2018)
President and CEO: Ventriglia Fausto Maria (IT)
Director: Claudio Marati (USA)
Director: Alain Mangion (MT)
Indipendent Director: Peter Sollecito (USA)
Indipendent Director: Marco Quaranta (IT)

Main Shareholders (over 25%, Institutionals, Managers and related as by Shareholders Register Updated 12-12-2018) "posted 13-12-2018"
Homepad SA (CH): 81,49%
FFVentriglia Investment & Finance Ltd (MT): 4,78%
IIC International Insurance Company NV (AN): 3,95%
Mr. Marati Claudio (USA): 3,07%
Banca CIS Spa (RSM): 0,34%

File: Bilan Comptes annuels 2018 - Photonike Capital SA "posted 27-08-2019"
File: Rapport de Gestion 2018 "posted 27-08-2019"
File: Bilan Comptes annuels 2017 "posted 13-12-2018"
File: Bilan Comptes annuels 2016 "posted 13-12-2018"
File: Rapport de Gestion 2016 et 2017 "posted 13-12-2018"